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The M1 Milliohm Meter® – handheld bonding meter for measuring low electrical resistance in the aviation industry.

Product Overview

The M1 Milliohm Meter® is a handheld ground support bonding and grounding meter. It is intended for measuring low electrical resistance where portability, safety, high precision and ease of use are demanded, such as in the aviation industry, and is used to ensure the regulated conformity of electrical bonding for structural and safety purposes.

The M1 Milliohm Meter®, was developed from input received from surveys of more than 1000 users in the aviation industry.

The instrument represents major innovation and advancement in modern industrial instrumentation design. It is fast, light and convenient to use. The readings on the face of the meter can be processed and stored with the hand holding the meter. Measurements are made by the four wire or Kelvin probe method.

M1 Milliohm Meter®

Technical Specs


Fully automatic – stores 128 readings – RS-232 data por


0.01 to 19999 milliohms

BLUETOOTH (optional):

Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2
Easy access to recent readings, stored readings, and instrument status from mobile devices


0.00 to 19999 milliohms


<0.1% of readings


100 milliamps DC


2.5 volts internally limited


Operating -20ºC to +40°C



  •  ISO 9001 registered
  •  NIST accuracy certified
  • UL913 flightline approved
  • CE certified


Support for Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) standard


All measurements are displayed in milliohms. No conversions, no zeroing of the meter or any other compensation for cables, etc. are needed. The meter is totally automatic and self-ranging, always displaying the test measurements on the most appropriate scale that contains the reading, so there is never any need for the operator to change scales or ranges.

The meter will not display a reading unless proper electrical continuity criteria are met, so there is no possibility of erroneous readings. The meter gives accurate, stable values, without fluctuation.

A reading cannot be accidentally lost without the operator making the conscious choice by either taking another reading or turning the power off. The meter also has an internal memory capable of storing up to 128 readings, which can be recalled and/or downloaded at a later time.

The display has adjustable display brightness controls, so that the measurements can be easily read in a wide range of lighting conditions, from inside of dark enclosed areas to direct outdoor sunlight. A choice of green or red display is available.

The M1 Milliohm Meter® has been in industrial use, primarily in aviation, for over fifteen years. It has proven to be a very versatile and reliable test tool, with low maintenance.

The low voltage and current output will not cause ignition of flammable gas, as certified by Underwriters Laboratories per UL 913 standard entitled “Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for use in Class I, II, and III, Division I, Hazardous Locations.” The unit is approved for use in hazardous environments such as in and around aircraft, fuel installations, fuel cells, and gas systems.

It is a highly sophisticated laboratory grade instrument, designed specifically with the field user in mind. Recalibration is not generally needed. The unit comes pre-tested, calibrated and certified directly from the manufacturer. Re-testing and certification schedules will depend on customer regulatory requirements.

The M1 Milliohm Meter® uses a rechargeable 6″C” cell battery pack with special features that extend battery life for many years under normal working conditions and proper care.


  • Standard M1-G Meter has Green Display with resolution of 0.01 milliohms
  • Standard M1-R Meter has Red Display with resolution of 0.01 milliohms
  • M1B Meter has Green Display only and greater maximum display resolution of 0.001 milliohms
  • Bluetooth capability (optional) for easy access to recent readings, stored readings, and instrument status from mobile devices

The difference between standard M1-G/R and M1B Meter is in the display resolution only. If the additional resolution has not been specified or not required for your applications, the standard unit would likely be best choice.

Kit Includes

  • 1 Meter
  • Remote Probe
  • Conditioning Charger (Global Power Adaptor with offshore shipments)
  • User Manual
  • 4 extra standard tips
  • Waterproof Guard Case
  • Certificate of Calibration with Test Data

Industry Application

Civil/Commercial Aviation

Civil/Commercial Aviation

EV Manufacturing

EV Manufacturing

General Aviation

General Aviation
Aircraft Manufacturing
Aircraft Manufacturing